Manchester City Crowns Champions of 2018-19 English Premier League

Manchester City let Liverpool dream for 83 seconds before slamming the door shut on any possibility that the last day of the Premier League season would provide one final dramatic twist in the tale.

This was the time it took for Sergio Aguero to put Manchester City level after Glenn Murray had stunned the visiting fans basking in glorious Sussex sunshine in Brighton’s Amex Stadium. And for the moment to arrive when this compelling battle for the title finally swung decisively in City’s favour.

Manchester City had been sleepwalking into trouble. It had arrived. Liverpool’s lead over Wolves at Anfield already had them on top of the time-honoured ‘as it stands’ table and now City had an added obstacle to overcome.

The team Pep Guardiola has built is too strong, mentally and when measured in talent, and had come too far to be denied so close to the finishing line – and so it proved. Murray’s moment actually turned out to be the shock to the system they required – the push towards glory they needed.

And yet, for those few seconds, Manchester City supporters were silent. Manchester City’s players stood still, shocked. They feared the worst. They, rather like those who had travelled to watch them, were lethargic, lacking in urgency and suddenly left facing the nightmare.