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The Red Devils of Old Trafford

  1. Everything inside the room immerses you in the atmosphere of adventure: incredible decorations, stunning effects, and shocking plot twists.
  2. You don’t just solve the puzzles; you unravel a real detective story during your adventure.
  3. You get a private experience with your friends – just the closest and most trusted people, no strangers.
Quest rooms for every taste!


Formation & Tactics

We the discuss pre-match team analysis and predict scorelines!

Match Analysis

We are a always find new ways to discuss every pre match formation before game.


We hightlights the current transfer gossips and rumors?


Watch the growth rate of our academy players and statictics.
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The certificates are beautifully packaged and can become a great gift for a special person in your life. The certificate holder may book any room time within three months.

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